Let’s get started.

I have created this blog to share some of my experiences with incorrect English. The point is not that I regard my own language skills as complete, and therefore go around pointing out mistakes. In fact, I keep finding out about new aspects and mistakes even in my native German language on a regular basis! In this blog, I will share useful, irritating and even amusing mistakes I come across. I hope that you find the posts useful, and that you even enjoy the occasional laugh reading them. Please feel free to comment on the posts at any time.

I have had a keen interest in the English language for many years, and have lived in the United Kingdom for several extended periods of time. In my job as a scientist, English is used very freely in both professional and every-day communication. However, since many of the people around me are not native speakers, mistakes are made on a frequent basis. Remarkably, while scientists are typically working very hard to succeed in their job, they do in most cases not pay much attention to their language skills. This combination provides an excellent environment to identify common mistakes such as false friends in scientific English. However, the posts will not only cover mistakes I come across in my job, but also amusing errors encountered in every-day situations (trains, restaurants, television, etc.)

I hope you enjoy the contents of this blog.


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