Academic fields as false friends

Here are some false friends that are quite common among German native speakers. When talking about academic fields such as Physics, Mathematics or Genetics, you can quite often hear and read the false friends ‘Physic’, ‘Mathematic’ and ‘Genetic’, because in German the correct names do no have an s at the end: Physik, Mathematik and Genetik. Other fields whose English name differs by an s at the end from the German name are Linguistics, Statistics, Mechanics, Acoustics, Dynamics (for example, Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics), Optics, Robotics, Logistics, and Cybernetics. On the other hand, fields such as Biology, Chemistry or Medicine do not have an s at the end. I have not managed to find out if there is any logic behind this.


One thought on “Academic fields as false friends

  1. Logistic or Logistics? – painfulenglish

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