What is your funniest typo?

Typos happen whenever something is written. Even spell checkers and proof reading can not always eliminate all mistakes, for example when the misspelled word is also a valid word in the language used (but with a different meaning). Among the countless boring typos, there are some which stand out, because they transform a regular sentence into something that makes you smile.

I would like to invite you to use the comment section to tell me and the other readers about the most embarrassing and/or the funniest typo that you committed, or (in case you never make any mistakes) that you came across.

Let me get things started by revealing my favourite and most embarrassing typo, which thanks to digital archiving can still be found online. For reasons still not fully understood, and after thorough proof-reading and spell checking, the word ‘expansion’ acquired an additional ‘s’ and become ‘sexpansion’. This gemstone of a typo was pointed out to the authors by a referee, who certainly had just as good a laugh about it as we had when reading the referee report.

I look forward to your input!


3 thoughts on “What is your funniest typo?

  1. ‘castratal’ when it should have been ‘cadastral’, in a business software, went unnoticed by everybody until an end user remarked during a presentation, ‘actually, that does not sound like fun’.

  2. Weirds I cant spiel and other cruel jokes | SERENDIPITY

  3. Journal editors can improve your English – painfulenglish

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