How to pronounce curry, courage, hurricane

Have you ever asked yourself why words such as curry, courage, and hurricane are pronounced differently by different people? Well, I did, and I recently learned that there is a very simple explanation for this phenomenon: the two different versions represent the British and American pronunciation. In my experience, even advanced non-native speakers have difficulties choosing the correct pronunciation for the accent they are trying to speak. For example, you can hear people with a rather strong American accent who pronounce current as [ˈkʌrənt] instead of [ˈkɜːrənt]. Below, you can find a hopefully useful (but incomplete) table with more examples, their pronunciations and links to the Oxford Dictionary.

Word British Pronunciation American Pronunciation Listen
courage [ˈkʌrɪdʒ] [ˈkɜːrɪdʒ]  link
current [ˈkʌrənt] [ˈkɜːrənt]  link
curry [ˈkʌri] [ˈkɜːri]  link
derby [ˈdɑːbi] [ˈdɜːrbi]  link
flurry [ˈflʌri] [ˈflɜːri]  link
hurricane [ˈhʌrɪkən] [ˈhɜːrəkən], [ˈhɜːrəkeɪn]  link
hurry [ˈhʌri] [ˈhɜːri]  link
worry [ˈwʌri] [ˈwɜːri]  link

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