How to pronounce Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a wonderful place, but its name can cause quite some problems, especially when it comes to pronunciation. As a result, you can hear many different variations, both by native and non-native speakers. According to the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary, the standard British pronunciation of Edinburgh is [,edɪnbərə], in agreement with Oxford English, listen here, and Edinburgh’s Wikipedia entry. Regarding variations, the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary includes [,edɪmbərə] (m instead of n), [,ednbərə] (skipping the i), and [,edɪnbʌrə] (with an [ʌ] as in mud). The standard American pronunciation is [,edɪnbɜːrə] (with [ɜː] as in curtain), and a possible variation is [,edɪnbɜːroʊ] (for the pronunciation of [oʊ] see here). The widely used pronunciation [,edɪnbɜːrg], which may be the most obvious one based on the spelling of Edinburgh, is only used for the town of Edinburg (no h at the end!) in Texas (USA).



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