How to pronounce day

The pronunciation of the word day is straight-forward, or is it? Have you ever noticed that day, which is pronounced as [deɪ] in day, today, everyday, weekday, etc., can also be pronounced as [di] when being part of the weekdays Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday? The Longman Pronunciation Dictionary argues that [di] is in fact the preferred pronunciation in standard British and American English, but that in practise both [deɪ] and [di] are used. Moreover, [deɪ] is usually used when -day appears in exposed positions (“Let’s wait until Monday”), whereas [di] is favoured in expressions such as “Monday morning”. Finally, in British English, holiday can either be pronounced as [ˈhɒlədeɪ] or as [ˈhɒlədi].



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