How to pronounce Moscow

Recently, I noticed that British people pronounce Moscow differently than I had thought, and been taught in school. The correct British pronunciation is [‘mɒskəʊ], with the first part pronounced just like moss. However, -cow is not pronounced like the word cow. Instead, the -ow in Moscow is pronounced like the -ow in low or grow. In contrast, in American English, Moscow is either pronounced as [‘mɑːsk] or as [‘mɑːsk]. Here, the first part matches the American pronunciation of moss, and the -ow is pronounced either as in cow [] or as in the American version of mow [oʊ].


One thought on “How to pronounce Moscow

  1. One of the teaching sisters at the Catholic school I attended told us that “there are no ‘cows’ in Moscow.” A very easy way to remember the correct pronunciation! In Russian, it is pronounced “mus-kuh-‘vah”.

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