How to pronounce engineer and engine

Are you an engineer? Even if not, you may want to find out about the correct pronunciation of the word engineer, because many people are not aware of it. The pronunciation is tricky because it differs from that of the word engine in terms of stress. While engine is usually pronounced correctly, namely as [ˈendʒɪn] (note the stress on the first syllable), the correct pronunciation of engineer (verb or noun) is [ˌendʒɪˈnɪə(r)] (BrE) or [ˌendʒɪˈnɪr] (AmE). The word is hence stressed on the last syllable. Similarly, engineering is pronounced as [ˌendʒɪˈnɪərɪŋ] (BrE) or [ˌendʒɪˈnɪrɪŋ] (AmE). Click on the links to listen to these words. The next time you hear somebody stress engineer or engineering on the first syllable, you know better! (Among German native speakers, this mistake is quite common but surprising, since the German word Ingenieur is also stressed on the last syllable, just like engineer.)


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